Client understands that payments made are not refundable.  Services are considered rendered at the time of payment, as extensive planning, strategizing, designing and setup has been delivered in advance that cannot be returned.

  • 100% Moneyback guarantee is for 30 days only
  • Refund is for the price of product only and does not include shipping and handling
  • In order to request a refund, Send an email at or call us at 1-(888)-491-3764.

We are committed to providing all clients with excellent service. By making your purchase, you agree that the Company may, at its sole discretion, limit, suspend, or terminate your services without refund or forgiveness if you become disruptive or difficult to work with before or during your service term, if you fail to provide us with information or materials necessary to perform such services, or if you impair our team members from performing their duties in any way.

Minimum 24 hour notice of cancellation required. Notification for instance, in person, via email, mobile phone ‘text message’ and/or fax, or any other means will be accepted subject to confirmation in writing.